Thursday, April 1, 2010

Museum Mile Run

Today's evening run brought to you by Museum Mile.

A lovely stretch of Fifth Avenue peppered with museums and beautiful architecture.
And today, lots of orthodox Jews out and about on their passover holiday.
(Should've taken a picture, didn't want to be disrespectful.)

Here are some of the sights I enjoyed on my way home from work today.

The Frick Collection

The Met

The Guggenheim

The Jewish Museum

There are many more museums that I am unaware of. Someday we should visit them all.


Casey said...

Wow! I never knew there were so museums right there. I've only been to the Met. Always wanted to go to the Guggenheim but just haven't yet. We should plan a double there.

Mallory said...

I would die to be so close to those museums. Oh I hope you take advantage and see them all.

Alyssa/Jo said...

I love all the architecture! I bet you could learn A LOT going in all those museums.

Ash and Matt said...

What an interesting run! I always run better when I have cool things and people to look at along the way. How fun!

Mitzi said...

Angie, you are soooo dang cute!!!! Again, I love your blog :)

Sharla said...

We should take Brandon to one in June! He needs a little art in his life! For sure we will take Justin when he gets home. He loves art and told me all kinds of cool things about the art in Europe when we got home from Italy. He had a class at BYU and loved studying about it!

Katherine said...

Angie, I've been wanting to comment on some of your April posts for a long time!

Isn't Museum Mile on the UES just incredible? What an inspiring run! (Be sure to spend some time inside of those spectacular museums, when you get a chance!)