Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ohhhhhhh tuesday. i kind of hate you.

Tuesdays are not my favorite lately. My job at the dental office stresses me out. The office manager is evil (really), and I worry about not knowing everything or getting behind my schedule, and I tell myself I hate cleaning teeth. Most of the stress is in my head. I psych myself up for it all week, and by Monday night I'm a total mess. I wake up at 3:00 am and can't sleep. There are usually tears. I decide I'm going to quit, then decide I'm not a quitter, I need dental office experience and I have to stick it out.

But Klane always meets me for lunch, and he makes me laugh, and sometimes takes silly pictures of us while we're waiting for our food at a street cart (I give myself a break from packing us lunches on Tuesday). He's a good husband.

I also usually talk to my mom a bit, and her voice always cheers me up. She's a good mom.

And by the end of the day, I realize that I really can do this. The job really isn't that bad. The doc is super nice. And it's fun meeting all the patients, seeing them come in apprehensive or dubious about the "new girl" and then leave happy.

Actually, I might kind of sort of like it. Just a little.

Until next week, Tuesday. Good riddance.

Monday, September 28, 2009

can you spot our ward's scouts?

You can click to enlarge these pics from the stake Court of Honor on Sunday. It isn't too hard to point out the Harlem 1st ward. Oh boy, do we love our scouts. Even though they forget their shirts, make loud comments during the Stake President's closing remarks, and are physically incapable of all holding still for a picture at the same time. Yes, we love them. They make me laugh. They are very entertaining and keep their leaders on their toes.

I especially love their reaction when the congregation gave them a round of applause for their merit badges. Half of them had their backs to the crowd, some were more excited:

I wish Klane was in this but he's behind the camera. I was laughing so hard at him trying to get everyone's attention at the same time. They all have ADHD, I swear. Maybe it was the root beer floats. I thought it was so funny I took this video. You can hear me giggling.

Honestly though, these boys are making great progress in the scouting program and the church, and Klane has had a lot of fun spending Sundays and Friday nights with them. They may not fully understand the concept of reverence (or the concept of not swearing during Sunday school!), but they're good kids.

It has been so much fun being able to serve in the church in this area and help build up a ward that's fairly new. Klane's home teaching partner is the sweetest 19-year-old black guy named Lawrence, who was recently baptized this summer. He used to live in the Bronx and was heavily involved in gangs and had a really difficult (and downright scary) life. But when he almost got arrested, he decided to turn it around, moved to Harlem to escape his old friends, and eventually joined the church.

Tonight we had him over for dinner and Klane helped him put together a resume so he can get a good job. He is so cute and polite, and kind of shy, until you get him talking about sports, especially Boston teams. He and Klane have a bond since they're both Red Sox fans. :) Anyway, this is such a unique place and it's been a fun, new, exciting experience to be here as members of the church.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

urban temple

We love the temple. I've been here twice this weekend, once for the General Relief Society Meeting broadcast last night, and again tonight with Klane and the scouts for a stake Court of Honor. (The building serves as a temple on some floors and a stake center on others.)

I want to get a good picture of it to frame in our apartment. The problem is, there are buildings/stoplights/trees/streetlamps/signs/taxis/people EVERYWHERE. I might have to break down and buy a professional print.

paint paint paint!!

Painting was so fun. And so exhausting! We started at 10:00 am and finally wrapped up around midnight. I'm waiting to post photos of the finished product until it's actually finished. The couch is coming this week, and hopefully soon we'll have some stuff to hang on the walls. So excited!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i think i need this post more than you do

So, I have been extremely busy lately. But the fact that I haven't posted for three days is really nagging at me. I will not feel complete until I post. So, here is an update:

~ I think I forgot to mention that I'm now working full time. I decided to work four days a week (instead of two) at the ortho office, because I love it there. I'm working one day a week at a dental office, keeping up my hygiene skills. This new five day work week is doing wonders for our bank account, but is not so great for the socializing, photographing, apartment-cleaning, blogging, laundry-doing, exercising, and cooking parts of my life. I'm working on adjusting.

~ We bought PAINT on Saturday. So excited. We're going to do half the apartment in "Cool Sky" and half "Swan Wing." Don't those just sound delightful?

~ Also on that outing, we got our first hot dog from a street cart. It was just what you would expect. Nothing life-altering, but good. Here are pictures of us:

~ We're not talking about the outcome of the most recent BYU game, but I'll mention we watched it with a group of friends at Robby and Kelsey's, which was fun.

~ Speaking of football season, fall is in the air and we are loving the perfect temperatures, cooler nights and lower humidity. Can't wait to break out the jackets, scarves and layers. And take pictures in Central Park when the leaves change.

~ Our class was Out. Of. Control. on Sunday. Having 17 teenagers in one class, many of whom don't want to be there in the first place, is not a good idea. Don't worry, the bishop is calling another teacher and dividing the class.

~ On Monday Klane surprised me by showing up at my office after work, whisking me to the AT&T store and buying me an iPhone before I could even think to protest. I hardly knew what hit me and am still getting used to the idea that I actually have one. It's awesome though!

It also serves as a mini mirror, which is convenient:

If I look stressed, it's probably because I've never gone this long between highlighting my hair. Like most things in New York, getting highlights is three times as expensive here as it was back home. Think I can make it till Christmas? (Me neither.)

~ An accomplished violinist moved into an apartment on our floor, and she practices almost every night. We love it. It makes us feel like we live in a very fancy building with classical music playing in the lobby or something. I want to bake her cookies to thank her.

~ We made a trip to Target. Always a huge treat. Just walking through those doors made me feel all warm and fuzzy. We got stuff to decorate/organize the apartment. And I bought scarves. Proof (me, in Target, with scarf):

~ And since I've posted a lot of videos lately, what the heck, here's another to add to the batch. These subway performers on the Lexington line drew a crowd:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

girls night out!

Abbie and I had the most fun girls night on Friday. I love that girl. I just knew I would. I think we might have been friends in the pre-existence. (I'm only sort of joking.)

And what could make an evening more filled with girly fun than a picnic in the park, followed by dessert at a chocolate-themed restaurant?! Max Brenner and his 14 page dessert menu definitely did not disappoint. Neither did Abbie's pb&j's and fresh market produce. Neither did the four hours of girl talk. Thanks Abbie, I had so much fun!!

We will definitely be getting together again very soon.

Gorgeous Abbie with a giant vat of pure chocolate.
This whole restaurant smells like chocolate, as soon as you walk in the door.

And don't you love her scarf? I decided I need a good scarf.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

the tyra show

We had the most... interesting and fun experience at the Tyra Banks show this week. Casey got us tickets and it was so fun and crazy!

I was mostly surprised by how fake it was. After getting us all seated on the set (front row!!), they filmed the audience doing different reactions. They told us our reactions could be inserted into multiple shows over the whole season.

"Okay, now you're surprised. Ready, NOW."
And they filmed us being surprised for a few seconds, then,
"Now you're really excited, pretend Tyra just walked in, stand up and go crazy!"
"Okay, now everyone nod like you agree with something that was just said."
"Now shake your heads no."
"Okay, bigger head shake, like you really disagree."

It was so odd. Finally Tyra came out and acted like a diva with her tiny waist and huge eyes and wig (probably). We acted ultra interested and surprised and delighted and whatever else they wanted us to be for the camera. It was kind of tiring! But the whole thing was just such an experience. You know?

Afterward we went to Shake Shack. Nothing like a Shackburger, I tell ya. Every time I eat there I am again surprised by how good it is and realize again that it is actually not as overrated as I sometimes assume. All in all, it was such a fun afternoon!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

obama came to town

One morning last week as I approached my office, I noticed gates closing off Park Ave. Kind of normal, they do that from time to time to film movies and stuff around that neighborhood. Turned out this time, the Avenue was closed for 10 blocks, making a path for President Obama and his entourage to drive into the city. I guess they usually take this route, because everyone at work knew the routine.

Police officers and onlookers lined the streets. One officer came in to tell us not to let anyone in or out of the office. They are serious about this stuff! We gathered at the window and waited for the Big Moment. We watched for snipers on the roof tops... didn't see any. But we decided that's kind of the point. They totally could've been up there. :)

Finally after much anticipation and many security vehicles passing, the time came. A black limo drove by and Mr. President waved as he passed. (You can't see his hand in this photo, it's the black limo on the right though):

All that hoopla for about two seconds of excitement, and then it was over. At least it was an exciting start to the day!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

live jazz on park ave

We like to meet up for lunch around 54th and Park. That's between our offices.
Monday there was a free jazz concert across the street from our usual spot. Sweet!

What could be better than hangin out with your best friend,
in gorgeous weather,
with pb&j's, a banana and sodas,
listening to live music?

Oh, and speaking of live music...
check out this fun video from our DC trip. I almost forgot about it!
National Symphony Orchestra, live at the Capitol:

Monday, September 14, 2009

harmonica blues

Waiting at the 125th street station on my way home last week, my fellow commuters and I were treated to some sweet harmonica tunes:

The best part was that he wasn't a performer playing for money. Just a regular guy who prefers making his own music to zoning out on an iPod. Love it.

on our walk to church

There are a lot of really awesome churches in Harlem.

Not exactly sure what this is talking about. Kind of funny though.

Me and my lover. Sunday best.

Inner City.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

burger joint

Another rainy, lazy Saturday. We love that. I spent all summer going stir crazy without employment, wishing I had a job to keep me busy... and now that I'm working full time I can fully appreciate a day dedicated to doing nothing at all. :) At 5:30 we suddenly remembered the BYU game, threw on some blue and white, and headed to ESPN Zone in Times Square to catch the last quarter. (BYU smashed the other team, by the way. Go Cougars!)

Waiting for the train in our blue and white:

Afterward we headed over to Burger Joint, which we've had on our list for a while now. It was awesome! It's literally hidden behind this huge red curtain, in the lobby of a nice hotel. If you can spot the small neon burger sign and follow it behind the curtain, you'll suddenly find yourself in this tiny, dimly lit burger joint.

The cardboard sign tells you how to order:

"The Fastest Way to Get it Right:
1. Cheeseburger or Hamburger?
2. How D'ya Want It Cooked?
3. What D'ya Want On It?
With everything, call it "The Works."

We were ready.

"Two cheeseburgers, medium, with The Works!"

Check out those burgers! They served up some dang good, greasy, messy, delicious burgers and fries. We're glad we went!

After that it was to the Apple Store (again. We live there I swear) for a new hard drive to back up our data. Then to Home Depot to pick out paint colors. It's really happening folks, after four months we are finally decorating the apartment. My parents and brother are coming out to stay with us in a month and we want this place to look like our home when they come. Hopefully we have pictures to share soon!

Waiting on a rainy street corner:

be prepared...

I'm laughing. I just uploaded pics from my little camera and remembered this one of my purse, on the bus ride to DC.

I'm laughing at myself for feeling the need to pack so many treats for a three day trip. I just thought we should be prepared! What if we couldn't find food? Between the peaches, banana muffins, cereal bars, nuts, swedish fish, and sour patch kids, at least I knew that we wouldn't starve on our vacation. :)

Klane might think I'm a little crazy, but he won't be laughing if a famine hits.
He'll be feasting on Sour Patch Kids with me.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

there's no place like home

Isn't it funny how you don't appreciate what you have until you're away from it for a while? I was shocked by how much I missed New York and how ready I was to go back after our DC trip. The whole time we were gone, we talked about how different DC was from New York. It was quieter, less crowded, cleaner. But I found myself longing for the crowds, the graffiti, and yes even the crazy people and weird smells and noise. All of that is part of what gives this city so much character. NYC is definitely one-of-a-kind.

We got off the bus on 33rd Street at 10:00 pm on a Monday night, and the city was alive. The Empire State Building was lit up in red white and blue for the holiday. Taxis crowded the streets, honking and speeding by. People were everywhere, lighted ads flashed from the buildings, and noise and excitement was in the air. And I loved it! I was snapping pictures and saying to Klane, "Look at this place! It's so beautiful! It's so amazing! I love this city! Look at the taxi's! They're so beautiful! Look at the Empire State Building! Look how tall the buildings are! It's awesome!" Klane teasingly said, "Who are you and what have you done with my wife?" :)

We agreed that we love this city. We love that there is always something to do. We love that there is always a subway line close by (NOT true in DC). We love that you can always find a restaurant because they're everywhere (also not true in DC, in our experience). We rode the train home with happy faces. We didn't even mind the graffiti or the smell, or the trash. In fact, I think we even loved it a little.

our last day in DC, or a bunch of random photos

It's hard to find words to describe the Holocaust Museum. But here are a few:
Disturbing. Moving. Educational. Horrifying. Life-changing.

After that we hit the Museum of Natural History.

And now, a series of pictures in which
we have wayyyy too much fun in the mammals section:

We stopped by the National Archives to see the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Magna Carta, etc.
It was incredible! I felt like I was in National Treasure.

And then we collected our bags and hopped on the bus back to NYC! What a fun trip we had, just the two of us. I didn't realize what a great thing it would be for us to get away together. We're definitely going to make mini vacations more of a priority from now on.