Friday, September 26, 2008

I heart NY

Klane is starting to compile his portfolio to apply for internships this summer. We will be spending 6-12 weeks living in either Chicago , LA or NYC. Can you guess what my vote is? :) Really we would be super excited for any option. If they offer him a job at the end of the internship we may end up being out there longer, but we'll jump through that hoop when we get to it. Applications are due Nov. 3 and we will find out by December where we'll be going. What an adventure! We can't wait to explore a new city, see the sights, try the food, meet interesting people and if we go to New York, SHOP.

Friday, September 12, 2008

It's all in the details...

Oh, fun! We threw a beautiful bridal shower for my wonderful soon to be sister-in-law, Sara. I love you Sara! Can't wait to be officially related to this girl, and officially neighbors at Wymount. Anyway, when I say "we" threw a shower, really a lot of the credit for the amazing beautifulness of the whole thing was thanks to the dynamic party planning duo: Kaylene and Monette. Put these two together, along with the help of Lauren (official party planning goddess) and something amazing will always result. It was just that, and everyone had a great time. Delicious food, beautiful decor, awesome "get to know your fiance" game by Annie, and good company. The secret to beautiful party planning success? Details, details, details! Check out the pics to see what I mean.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Quick Powell Trip

I've never been to Lake Powell on an overnighter, so this past weekend was a first for me! We ran down to the lake with my family on Friday morning to ski and surf for the extended weekend. We had a blast while the weather lasted, but after listening to the weather report Friday night, we decided to head home the next day. There were thunder storms from Saturday night to Monday afternoon! Shoot! But we made the most of our time there and it was really a blast. We relocated to the cabin where we spent the rest of the rainy but beautiful weekend.
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