Wednesday, April 30, 2008

we're kind of just in love with each other

We just can't stop celebrating, what with our anniversary this week and with a break (however short) from school. What's not to celebrate? Our actual anniversary was the 28th, so on Monday night I fixed us a yummy 'gourmet' dinner - complete with Martinelli's sparkling cider - and for dessert we shared a piece of our wedding cake top, which has been in the freezer for a year. (Who thought of that tradition??!) There is no picture of the cake, but don't worry, it wasn't too scary. Surprisingly enough, it was actually really good. After dinner we did something we love that we haven't been able to do for a while. We packed up all the pillows, cushions and blankets in the house, put them in the back of Klane's truck, drove up to a lookout point where we had a good view of the city lights and watched a movie on the laptop. May sound kind of random but we love watching movies in the back of Klane's truck. It really is so fun! We haven't done it since last summer and on Monday it was finally warm enough. What a fun evening with my favorite boy.

The Dinner. (yes we take pictures of our food. see recipe to the side.)
Our little movie-watching spot. How cosy. I realized we should have turned around and got a picture of the view! We had a good view of the valley, and once it got dark it was cool to see the stars and the city lights.
I love this boy!
I had to soak up all the time I had with him before he went back for Spring semester. It really was so great to have that week after finals when we had nothing to worry about and could just spend time together. I am glad he'll be graduating in a year, but his schedule is going to be CRAZY until then! He started classes on Tuesday and I realized I really am not going to see much of him for the next couple months. Night classes, lunchtime classes, extra projects and meetings on the other nights and of course Calle. I love my hardworking husband, he does so much.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

One Year Anniversary

We celebrated our one year anniversary by visiting the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point, going to do a session at the Salt Lake Temple, and eating at The Roof. It was such a fun day. We had our reception at the Garden Visitor's Center on the last day of Tulip Festival last year, and I haven't been inside the Salt Lake Temple since we were married there, so everything was very reminiscent of our wedding day. I got to practice my photography skills on the tulips, which was fun. Klane was a good teacher and was patient with me. He is such a perfect husband and I have loved every minute of being his wife! The first year has been amazing and I can't wait for more.

Us at the Tulip Festival last year

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

He Got In!!

Exciting news: Klane made it into the Creative Track of the Advertising program at BYU! We broke into the Brimhall building at midnight on Friday to sneak upstairs and look at the list. He was one of 16 that made it in. Go Klane!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hardworking man...

Our lives have been absolutely CRAZY lately. Klane's portfolio to apply for the creative track of the advertising program was due last Friday, plus he has been doing some on-the-side freelance design work in addition to his regularly full work and school schedule. I feel like I never see him! He has been up till 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the morning every night the past two weeks. This is how I found him a couple nights last week when I woke up at 4:45 and noticed the lamp was still on in the living room. He falls asleep working on his computer and I think it's so cute I had to take a picture. I woke him up and coaxed him to bed so he could get a couple hours before his 8:00 AM class. My husband works too hard. I just love him though.

Sweet Grandma Marilyn

How fun! I cleaned my cute grandma's teeth on Thursday! She is just adorable. My grandma is really a celestial person, I just love her. She was nice enough to let me scrape her teeth for a grade. :) Thanks, gram.

Sweet glasses, Ang! (Forgot to take them off for the picture...)

Three generations: My beautiful grandma, my beautiful mom, and... well, me.

Conference Weekend

We got a much needed break this weekend with General Conference. It was so nice to relax together and with our families and listen to the words of our church leaders. I loved Jeffrey R. Holland's and M. Russell Ballard's talks, to name a couple. We had the amazing opportunity to attend the Sunday morning session, and it was so awesome to be there to hear President Monson speak in General Conference for the first time as our prophet. I loved his talks and he was so funny, too! He is such a great man.
The solemn assembly Saturday morning was powerful.

Klane and I also decided that if one of the Apostles were to be a secret agent, it would definitely be Elder Uchtdorf, hands down. He is the MAN.
It was a great conference, and in between sessions Klane was able to catch up on some sleep, which I was grateful for because I worry about him staying up late every night! The only pictures I ended up with were ones of the food we ate. (Weird?) But I was excited about these incredible pancakes I made on Saturday, so, check out the recipe to the side. YUM.

And... here is the BBQ chicken pizza I made on Friday night. Who needs Pizza Factory??! Ok I'm done...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Speaking of Babies...

Annie brought Ryan over on Saturday and we got to watch him for a couple hours. He is such a cute baby. We had a lot of fun! Little Royce was cool with us turning the visit into a mini photo-shoot. I can tell I am going to live behind the camera when we have kids of our own. I just need to get better at taking pictures. Here's some of the pics of our cute nephew and my cute husband.

April Fool's!

I am awesome. I did the best April Fool's prank on Klane. I can't say it was all my own idea, but it turned out amazing. A pregnant girl at work took a pregnancy test for me and I took it home. When Klane came home I told him I had some news for him and showed him the positive test. I am usually not a good liar but I totally had him convinced! It was amazing. I only let it go for about a minute before I told him "April Fool's". He couldn't believe it; he said he'd never been tricked so well and he had been really convinced! I wanted to see his reaction to 'the news' before I told him it was a joke, and I was glad that although he was very shocked that I was 'pregnant' - we both know this wouldn't be the best timing for us to have a baby - his first reaction was "Ang, that's awesome!" so I'm glad to know he would be excited and supportive if it were true! :) And I'm also glad that he laughed about it with me afterward.