Monday, March 15, 2010

Appreciate the little things. Like singing in the car.

Today I am a little bored and a little lonely and missing Utah a little. One little thing I really miss a lot is driving my car with music blasting, singing at the top of my lungs. You just can't do that while listening to an iPod on the subway.

Well, you could. In fact, some people do. But it is generally frowned upon.

When I got to a stoplight I would always pretend I hadn't just been belting my lungs out to Rascal Flatts. Then when it turned green I'd continue on like I was in my own personal music video. Like if the car is in motion, suddenly I become invisible? I wonder how many people got a good laugh watching me singing in my car.

We are finally selling the Corolla. I am a little sad. I loved that car. One of my favorite features was the custom stereo and speakers Klane installed for me (with love). It has an iPod cord in the glove compartment so you can control your iPod through the stereo. Perfect for personal jam-sessions on my way to work. ;)

With the help of my parents I got the car all clean and fixed up and ready for sale. I took some product shots while I was in Utah. And Klane wrote an awesome KSL ad. It made me laugh:

0-60? Yes.

With most Corollas in this model year being posted with nearly double the mileage, at under 71,000 she's just getting warmed up... But if it gets too warm you can hit the a/c.

This 5 seater can go from A to B while you're controlling your iPod/iPhone from it's Alpine/Pioneer custom stereo system. Its brand new battery has less than 4 miles on it. I've tracked the gas mileage for the last 3 years at an average of over 30 mpg. It's taken a move to NYC to pry my wife's fingers from the steering wheel.

Finding flaws in this economical marvel isn't easy — a defunct rear defroster says, "I always look ahead," and a mini-compartment with a loose door on the center console gives instant access to coupon books and your Cafe Rio punch card.

Other than that, a flawless title, well kept interior, clean mechanical record and a model year pre-dating the Toyota quality control melt-down lets you drive this beauty away worry-free.

Yep, my husband works at an advertising agency. Oh man, I love that guy. Maybe he should've been a copy-writer.


Alyssa/Jo said...

Belting out a great tune is one of the best past times in a car. I always smile when I see someone doing that, although I do find myself a bit shy when I know people have seen me rock out.

Klane, that is an awesome ad!! I love it. I feel your pain in selling it, Angie. I have an older model (it turned 20 this year) and I would die if I had to get rid of it.

emily kate said...

Where was this when we had to buy a new car last fall?? We used to drive a Corolla (and the one we totaled last Aug was a newer Corolla) and we totally wanted another one but ended up with a CRV. I love that this has the ipod cord attachment! We planned to do that in our old Corolla before we totaled it. And Jacob promised he'd do that for me in the CRV but we can't find anybody that carries the right part for the model we have (since it's older.) Boo. The KSL ad was awesome, btw.

And singing in the car was something I really missed in NYC. Loved listening to my ipod on the subway but man it was almost painful not being able to sing along!

Sarah said...

That is awesome. And I love ksl! That's where we found our car. Good luck!

Calee said...

Hehe, Ang I want to buy your car and I want Klane to sell my car and house when we move away someday too!

Sharla said...

Love the adv. Klane is so professional! He cracks me up! I am kind-of missing the Corolla and our drive way is getting more and more empty! That add is so good I am considering buying the car! tee hee

becca said...

that was one of the things i missed most when i lived in new york.

Raquel said...

That ad is hilarious and so clever.

p.s. I too stop singing when I get to a stop light or when theres traffic and I can be seen!

Morgan said...

Hahaha this made me laugh. Have no shame about your singing in the car. At least you control yourself once you get to the stoplight. I always love it when people stop traffic when the light's turned green and they're still doing their thing, still singing and dancing, totally oblivious to all of the honking cars behind them. You just have to laugh.

That ad is amazing. Anyone in their right mind would choose your Corolla over all the others because of the ad alone. Let Klane know that he's a genius.

Anonymous said...

For my coupon books and my Cafe Rio punch card. Hahahaha. Sold.

Funny you should mention singing in the I was singing along to Michael Buble's "Haven't Met You Yet" and thought of you, because I first heard this song when you posted the very cute music video of it. Don't be creeped out by this :)

Katherine said...

Wow, Klane is certainly very talented! Outstanding ad. Great, trusty little car. (Loved Sharla's comment!)

Angie, I think you SHOULD sing along to your iPod on the subway. Your fellow passengers would probably try to join with you. Go for it!

Ash and Matt said...

What a cute ad! Klane did a great job. I hope you get some bites on it soon! Ah, and singing in the car is the best :-)

Sharla said...

I was a little tired when I wrote my comment, and so I am correcting "add" to ad. tee hee You just have to appreciate my tired typing. I miss you so much Klane and Angie!