Monday, March 22, 2010

Rainy days and Mondays

They don't get me down.
This rainy Monday started out with a misty walk in the park.

Friendly new buds on the trees.

Spotted some happy tulips (yes, these really were tulips... I think) just off 5th Avenue.

And how could a day not be great when it ends with a Shack burger and an Upper West Slide? The secret to no line at the Shack is going in the middle of a downpour. It was a fun FHE date.

Happy Monday!


Katherine said...

What a darling and creative post!! Yes, I do believe those yellow flowers are indeed tulips-- you funny girl! "Raindrops on tulips and red rubber rainboots..." And no line at the Shack?? Happy Monday indeed!

Casey said...

Happy monday! I love your pics of the buds--they're beautiful.

Casey said...

ps. i love how we commented on each others' posts at exactly the same time. we really need to go to bed. haha

Katherine said...

PS- I meant to tell you that I also love your description of "friendly" (as opposed to hostile) new buds and "happy" tulips. They really do look sooo happy-- and almost bejeweled!

Morgan said...

Okay, so you're pretty much amazing. I only wish I could say that rainy days don't get me down, but I've got to admit that rain is almost always guaranteed to make me have a bad day. Is that really the rain's fault or is it mine? Obviously it's mine because hello, just look at you! You had rain today, too, and you still managed to have a beautiful Monday! I swear that only you could take such bright, cheerful pictures on a rainy day. I usually say, "Oh, what do you know, it's raining! I guess I can't take any pictures today." So now I'm giving myself a little assignment. On the next rainy day, I will have to find some things to be happy about and take some pictures. You've inspired me!

amanda said...

Oh, the amazing Carpenters. Love them. ALSO loving your photography! Beautiful, beautiful. haha's the running in the rain been going for you? :)

Sharla said...

What a great post and beautiful day! Wish me luck on my tuesday of all tuesdays!! I am so looking forward to the end of these sleepy days! Hooray for finishing!

Oh, and Love the color in this grey day! Red, Yellow, Green! You are amazing and I love you!

I need a shack attack!

Jordan said...

Angie, I am having a shower for my friend in a couple of weeks and want to make some of those cute pink poofy balls - I don't know what they're called :) - that you made for your sis-in-laws baby shower. How did you make them? Is there a website or something that has instructions? They're SO cute!

Alyssa/Jo said...

Spring has made it to New York...I'm tapping my toes waiting for it here.

I'm glad you like rain. So many people complain about it. Rain means no drought and if there were a drought people would complain that there wasn't any rain! Plus I love the clean feeling it leaves.

I love that light post pic!

P.S. Thanks for the comments on Mumphrey. He really appreciated it, as do I!

Abbie said...

That IS a good Monday! You make the rain look glamorous. I kinda like the rain. Waaaaay better than snow.

Angie said...

Morgan - you DEFINITELY need to take pictures just after it rains sometime. You get more contrast, I think, and the colors are so much more vibrant when everything is wet!

Amanda - Luckily I haven't had to run in the rain...yet. Yesterday was rainy but I lucked out and while I was running home it was just kind of misting. (Klane ran in the downpour though, poor kid. He was soaked.) I am still reluctant about running in rain, but yesterday felt good and I had the park practically to myself, so I'm thinking it could actually be a good thing after all!

Mom - I LOVE that you just said "shack attack". GOOD LUCK TODAY!

Jordan - Search for "pom poms" and it should come right up. She has great instructions, it's so easy and inexpensive!

Morgan said...

I seriously cannot believe that you've actually been to Burrito Box! I asked, but I was totally expecting you to say that you've never even heard of it before because, like you said, it's tiny and not at all fancy or anything else that would draw any kind of attention to it. I remember when my friend Peter took me and a bunch of our friends there for the first time. He told us that he couldn't believe that he was letting us in on his little secret haha. Well I'm glad that he did. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that you went that you loved it. It's pretty fantastic!

Thanks for the encouragement about taking pictures in the rain! I agree that it certainly allows for more contrast and prettier colors. I think my problem is just that I really, really don't like the rain. I need to get over that. Rainy days can be pretty, too! Your pictures are proof.

And yes, Ray Lamontagne really is the best!

LenkaLovee said...

miss photography.
lovee your photos ;)
and those red rain boots:)

Ryan and Donna said...

Sweet Pictures. I like the bike leaning on the lamp post. You've got a good eye for photography.