Monday, March 15, 2010

Rainy weekend

These are the flowers Klane gave me at the airport last week.
They have found their home on our windowsill, and I think they're quite pretty.

Unfortunately I seem to bring bad weather with me wherever I go. Manhattan finally had a week of beautiful weather on the exact days I was in Utah, then as soon as I got home it started raining!

The pouring rain and gale-force winds made for a cosy weekend spent mostly indoors. We watched movies and snuggled and drank hot chocolate and ate Costco frozen food like potstickers and chicken bakes. (I am going grocery shopping today.) The only time either of us left the apartment was on Saturday when I ran outside to take out the trash. I was pretty much soaked in a matter of seconds, and any plans I'd previously had of a Saturday night out quickly vanished.

Now it is Monday, my beloved day off. I have successfully wasted the first half of my day iChatting with my parents, surfing blogs and sweeping my floors. I think I'm going to get down to business now and hopefully do the laundry, clean the house, go grocery shopping, take Klane lunch, and go running. Today is supposed to be day one of my half-marathon training schedule. We'll see how that goes... I am a fairweather runner and I'm just beginning to realize that training in New York in the Spring will involve a lot of running in the rain. Yikes. Can I do this?


Sharla said...

Love the post and love chating with you this morning! Thanks for your help and for always saving the day, even when you are thousands of miles away! Love ya tons!

Alyssa/Jo said...

Those flowers are beautiful! What kind are they?

I appreciate that you wasted part of your day e-mailing me. You have such helpful insights.

Good luck running. Being a fair weather runner is tough. It's so tough that I haven't started training for the half marathon I was supposed to run in a month. I've postponed. I'm going to need to find a new half marathon.

Lindsay and Robert said...

You can do it! It seems alot worse than it is. It can actually be very refreshing! Have a great day off

amanda said...

Yesyesyesssss absolutely you can! There are so many good RAIN songs to run to and maybe it smells good?..I don't know about NY but in WA it is delicious. Anyway, besides that you are a champion. So there. Love the fleurs. Way to go, klane!

MB said...

OOOOh. I braved the rain and about 5 minutes into my journey outdoors i had to ditch my now broken umbrella and just went without. I was drenched. It was ridiculous. After that outing I was inside the rest of the day. That was the worst rain I've experienced since living here!

Abbie said...

Those flowers are very lovely.

I love running in the ran...for about 10 minutes, then it gets old. That does not sound like wasted time to me! You swept! I still haven't gotten that down.

Potstickers sound really good right now.

Abbie said...

running in the rain:) not ran. and done not down. today has been crazy and you can even tell from this comment.

Angie said...

Haha Abbie I wish I could show you all the ridiculous typos I've made in comments written on my phone. Kind of embarrassing. That touch screen is too dang sensitive! The point is, I'm definitely not judging you. ;)

Katherine said...

I love the flowers and I love the way you've displayed them-- so pretty!

Angie, have you considered taking your "bad weather" to a drought-stricken area?!

I can't get over the crazy "unnamed storm" you guys have endured on the East Coast. NBC News reported last night that over the weekend, NYC had more 911 calls due to treacherous weather-related conditions (over 65,000) than the city had on September 11th. Wow. So glad you guys were smart and stayed indoors!

Oh yeah, and I wouldn't consider iChatting with your parents (or sweeping floors) at all a waste of time!