Thursday, March 18, 2010


You were right! They are indeed crocuses. It's quite obvious now. Aren't they pretty?

Another sign of spring: March Madness is in full swing. I entered an office pool and am currently in first place, thankyouverymuch! Don't worry, I will go down in the second or third round. This always happens to me. Gotta love March Madness! This afternoon everyone in the clinic was glued to the TV's, jumping around and cheering. So fun.

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Katherine said...

Ahh, March Madness -- gotta love it! Thank heavens for things like pretty crocuses, right? I love that you admit you originally thought they were tulips-- you are so real and just adorable!

FYI, crocuses are part of the iris family. If you have a minute, go to and search "crocus" for some fun facts, including info about the spice, saffron. Mrs. Harding (Cooks) may find it interesting!

Btw, love your pretty crocus pics!