Friday, March 12, 2010

Utah Highlights

Being at this house. Waking up to mom's whole wheat banana pancakes.

Morning runs with mom; breathtaking mountain views.

Preparations for the shower, hanging out with the girls being creative and chatting

Oh and watching Brandon pipe frosting. That part was awesome.

BYU Volleyball Game - beating #1 Pepperdine

Jazz Game with Dad, Mom and Brandon

Catching up with family (WHY didn't I take more pictures of people?)

Lunch with the girls at the office (no pictures...)

Shopping and just hanging out with mom

It was such a perfect trip. I was able to see all the people I wanted to see and do everything on my list. It was really great. I loved every moment spent with family and attempted to get my fill of niece/nephew hugs (could I ever really get enough?).

This was the first trip to Utah since we moved that I haven't cried when I went home to New York. This time I was excited to go back! Coming home to Klane was really wonderful. He really missed me, and I think the effects of malnutrition and lack of sleep were really starting to set in. He needs a wife. ;) I missed him too. Things just aren't the same without him by my side. He met me at the airport with flowers. I loved the gorgeous view of the city skyline on our bus ride across the Triboro Bridge. It's good to be back!


Sharla said...

Such a great life in both places. Home is truly wherever you and your sweetheart end up! It is always a treat to have you here with us for a little while, and next time we will even get Klane!

Raquel said...

Ah, I love Utah. But man, do I LOVE New York. You're a lucky girl!

Morgan said...

It looks like you had such a great trip filled with lots of fun things and wonderful people!

My jaw dropped when I saw that picture of your bother with the cupcake. Was that staged??? I'm guessing that it wasn't because he doesn't look like he's being tortured. I'm seriously so impressed! Oh how I'd love to have a little brother who helps me to frost cupcakes.

I'm really so happy that going back to New York didn't make you as sad this time. I think it's always a good sign when you're still happy even after coming home from a vacation.

Katherine said...

I'm guessing Klane REALLY missed you! What a sweet husband, to greet you the way he did! Looks like your Utah trip was a complete success in every possible way! Love love love the pic of Brandon frosting the cupcake. What a total sport!

Abbie said...

I'm so glad you're back! What a great trip. Utah is really a cool place. Can't wait to play with you!

(wanna hit h&m with me on Monday at 2ish? We'll chat)

Mike and Sara said...

I'm glad Klane won't starve to death :)

ps. I was up at ann's today and asked ryan about you giving him horseback rides and that's ALL he wanted to "talk" about in his gibberish after that. annie said you were the highlight of his week :)

Anonymous said...

As always, I'm jealous of your trips back to Utah. It just makes you more grateful for your family, correct? Yes. Your family seems so great and fun.

Sharla said...

Love the additonal jazz game photos! You and Brandon are just too dang cute!! He was just saying last night how much he misses his Sister! Looking forward to May and June!