Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Look what I found...

in the park this morning:

TULIPS! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you as excited as I am?!
(post edit: I acknowledge my horticultural ignorance. They are, in fact, crocuses.)

These are the first flowers I've seen this spring. In fact, aside from a few buds on the trees, I think these flowers are the first signs of life I've seen this spring. Real live green growing plants! Hurray!!! Spring is here! And if the buds and flowers weren't evidence enough, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous the last two days. 60 degrees, people. Sunny. Perfect for strolling through the park and soaking up a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Ahhh, spring. This is heaven.

Speaking of green, I strolled over to 5th Avenue today to take a peek at the big St. Patty's Day Parade. Big crowds of people, lots of green. Marching bands and marching police officers. That's about it. It was fun to peek at. But super crowded.

Looking down 5th (see the Empire State?)

A lone man in a funny hat. It had a giant clover on the front. I hope he found a friend.

You can hear me talking to my mom on the phone in this video. A daily lunchtime ritual.


becca said...

sigh. i wish i'd gone to the st. patrick's day parade in nyc when i was there. looks like fun.

are you sure those aren't crocuses?

Sharla said...

Yes Angie those are crocuses, but hard to tell when they haven't opened up yet. Crocuses are the first brave flowers to make an appearance when spring begins to come alive!
Love the Green pictures and I can't believe you were in such a crowd of people while talking to me. I could hear some of the noise but not all of it.
Way to be sneaky and multi-task. How exciting to catch a little of ST. Patty's Day on your lunch hour. Some people traveled 100's of miles to do just that. You are Special!! Miss you:(

Katherine said...

Yay for spring! It's so nice to see COLOR again!

Speaking of color, what a fun bunch of green leprechauns on 5th Avenue! (Cute video!) I do hope the man in the giant clover hat found a friend... ha ha!

Angie said...

Okay, Apparently I'm completely ignorant to the difference between tulips and crocuses. And I'm okay with that. Thank you for pointing that out!

Sharla said...

I just love you Ang!! :)

LenkaLovee said...

yay :)
i lovee spring ;)

Morgan said...

Umm yeah, I definitely know absolutely nothing about flowers. I thought they were tulips, too, and I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I've never even heard of crocuses before. Well I learned something new today! Apparently crocuses are very pretty and look an awful lot like tulips. I think I'm as excited as you are for spring. YAY for spring!!!

I've never been to the St. Patrick's Day parade before. I would loved to have maybe caught a little glimpse of it one year, but I never had time when I lived there. I am so amazed by your ability to get out and see and do so many fun things around the city. You live a busy life and you still make time to do so much.

Mills Family said...

"I hope he found a friend...."
Oh crack me up!! Hee hee! Yes, I think I would have made friends with him....just to be funny! hey, the old hospital (where I work) celebrated st. patricks day and all over the cafeteria that day during lunch...all the workers from different offices were gathered together eating and were totally decked out in GREEN! Green spike hair! Green clothes! Green glitter on face! And the food served that day was GREEN too! Fun! My neighbors little boy pinched me that night because he coudn't find any green on me. But, i got to pinch him back because I showed him my hidden green on my shirt! Trey and Jayme had fun wearing green to school that day too. Oh, we love the holidays! Thanks for sharing your own st. patricks day!

aubrey said...

sooooo excited for spring! and those flowers you found!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this Spring weather has been heaven! It was 69 two days last week...that's right. It's back to about 60 now and my body is drinking in the sun.
I'm glad you went to the parade and that you seem to make sure you catch all the fun you can in NYC. It'd be so easy to dismiss a lot of things because of crowds, etc. Looks fun!

Kimpossible said...

Where is your office? We must work pretty close to one another (I'm right on 5th ave and had to battle that crowd all day).