Saturday, May 30, 2009

home is where your husband is

That's the great advice Klane's mom, Kaylene, gave me before I left Utah. I loved being there with family and friends and the mountains and everything familiar. I was having mixed feelings about leaving Utah: happy to be with Klane again, sad to leave "home". I cried when the plane flew over the mountains and I watched the valley fade into the distance. But the truth is that New York is home now, because we're living here for now. It was great to come home and be with Klane again. On the way home from the airport we barely noticed the people on the crowded bus, we were so absorbed in our own conversation. I love this man. Home is wherever he is.

Today was busy but fun. We helped clean the church, opened an account at a bank here, shopped, ate Halal food from a cart on the street, saw Up, grocery shopped, made blueberry pancakes with buttermilk syrup for dinner, and climbed up to the roof to snap a few pics. Now on to catch up on the last few episodes of Lost!

Cute husband and me together again!
(It's ok that I accidentally focused on our necks instead of our faces.)

Down toward the park and midtown

Looking up at the huge Cathedral of St John the Divine

My happy feet in their new shoes on the fire escape.

A few thoughts: Halal food is amazing. Lamb and rice with white sauce, or a lamb/chicken gyro with hot sauce and white sauce. Oh my goodness. Amazing. We asked what was in the white sauce and we remember him saying yogurt, mayo, cucumber, salt and pepper... we're not sure what else.

Forever 21 has to be the most frustrating store ever. I have had one successful experience there, the rest of the times I've just given up. Maybe I need to chill out and go with the flow instead of wishing for more organization in there.

I love Aldo. New absolute favorite shoe store ever. They actually carry my size. It's a miracle. Thanks Sara. You've changed my life. (I'm serious.)

Up was hilarious. Our favorite part: the talking dog. "I just met you, but I love you!"

I am scared for Monday when I have to be an adult and begin the job search. But I'm always scared of change, and things always turn out lots better than I thought. :) So here's to hoping everything will be great!

Monday, May 25, 2009

i didn't have a camera so this will have to do

My family stayed at the cabin last night. It is so beautiful up there. Here's my picture of this morning.

I woke up early and hiked to the falls. The skies were blue, and the morning air was refreshing; cool and damp from yesterday’s rain. Pillars of sunlight streaming through the trees left pools of light on the forest floor, sending steam rising from the evaporating dew. In the meadow, millions of drops of dew and rain exploded into a field of crystals in the morning sun. Late May is the greenest time in the Utah mountains, and three days of rain brightened the colors and made everything crisp. Small footbridges that usually cross dry streambeds were covered over by rushing water, creating a game of finding a new way across. Small streams had appeared in new places, and the streams that usually trickle through the forest had turned into rushing rivers. In some places the trail branched off onto higher ground to escape the water. I’ve never been so alone on that trail. Alone in a good way, like it was just me, the mountains and God, and the hugeness and grandness of nature stretching out around and above me reminded me of my smallness compared to the world. Running on the narrow trail felt perfect, my muscles propelling me forward, eyes reading the uneven ground to find the next footfall, breathing in that cool mountain air. The forest carried the fresh smell of earth and trees and rain. Rounding the last corner to the falls, I saw the mist rising from the bottom, filling the whole lower area. More water than I’ve ever seen there was hurling itself off the edge and pounding onto the rocks below, creating a larger cloud of mist than usual. The morning sun hit the mist and created a magnificent rainbow. I sat in the mist, watching the water crashing down for a few minutes, then climbed up further on the rocks, above the lower falls. Out of the cool spray, I had a vantage point of the mountains stretching out from the falls, clouds resting around the tops. It was the only time I’ve ever been completely alone at Stewart, and it was definitely the most beautiful I’ve ever seen it.

Pictures of the view from the hike via jpcrockett on flickr. It was prettier than these this morning though!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

a photo from klane

Klane took this awesome picture of a bridge in Central Park and I think it's pretty amazing, don't you? Looks like a romantic spot to visit with your lover. :) I can't wait!

Friday, May 22, 2009

and then, it rained.

Oh, the irony.

surprise for husband

After a run this morning, I gave our cars a much needed wash. I think Klane would've wanted his car to get some attention. I've realized I love our cars now that we're thinking about planning on selling them if we stay in the city. I've been driving Klane's truck and it's so fun. I have great memories in that truck. Klane drove up in it to pick me up for our first date, and I thought he was probably the hottest thing on the face of the earth. We've watched many movies in the back of it. I learned to drive a stick in that truck. Together we paid it off and got it fixed. Maybe it's silly to be so attached to a car, but I'm sad to think about selling ours!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the report

I am so excited, I just wanted to share with all of you. I've finally received all of my scores from the various board exams I took the last few months. I passed all of them, and actually did really well! So here is a recap.

National Board (written exam) : 93% (but my scores were in the top 98.5% of the country!)

Western Regional Anesthesia Board (written/practical) : Pass (It's a pass/fail grade)

North East Regional Board (clinical) : 100%

North East Regional Board (written) : 97%

I can't believe I received no deductions at all on my clinical, that is such great news. Now I just have send in my scores to apply for a license to practice as a dental hygienist in the state of New York, and I can finally start working!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

back to our roots

We had a nice (although short) trip to So UT for Miralva's bridal shower. I'm so excited for her and Mason to be married in June, they are going to be a great couple. It was so fun to visit with family we don't get to see as often as we'd like. I really enjoyed seeing all of you and wish that it could happen more often! I love visiting Cedar City; it brings back childhood memories of summer and Christmas vacations. It's just a nice place to be.

I went running yesterday morning up the canyon trail. It was so beautiful that when I got back and my parents were heading out, I grabbed their camera and ran the trail again with them. I was sort of exhausted the rest of the day, but at least I got a picture of the red rock.

Klane is doing well in New York, although I feel bad he's alone out there. He's been keeping very busy with work at DDB. He says they're keeping him occupied now and giving him lots to do. He's already designed some ads for Hertz, website for Electrolux and some other things for drug companies... as well as a lot of things I can't remember. It's hard to keep up with what projects he's on since it's always changing!

it's short for "emotional"

{No, this is not me. I don't have a camera at the moment.}

In Klane's absence, I have taken to playing the guitar late at night.

Preferably acoustic songs that make me think of him... and tear up a bit.

Oh gosh, I am so emo.

Friday, May 15, 2009

lately we've been grateful for...

Video chat. (Husband, it was so good to see you last night.) Last night we "hung out" for almost two hours while Klane cooked himself dinner and I made brownies and cookies for a bridal shower tonight. Video chat is almost as good as being there. Almost. :)

Tonight I am taking an excursion with the family to Cedar City for my cousin's fiance's bridal shower. I'm glad I'm staying so busy. With work and bridal showers and get-togethers with friends and family, I'm more distracted from missing my Klane. Two weeks from today I go back to him!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

dear husband,

I miss you. The sunsets in Utah are beautiful! I went up in the hills above my parents' house to snap a picture, and it reminded me of when we used to drive up in your truck and look out over the city and eat treats or watch movies. I miss your hugs. Be safe.

p.s. I'm sorry you got locked out of the apartment tonight. That was probably my fault since I was on the phone distracting you. But I'm glad you're staying at Robbie's and not on a bench in Central Park with the crazies.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

another mother (and just as special)

Before Mother's Day gets too far past, I want to do a little tribute for another wonderful mother in my life: Klane's mom, Kaylene. She is such an amazing person in so many ways. I'm grateful to her for raising Klane to be the perfect man and husband that he is, and she has been a wonderful mother to me.

She's an amazing homemaker. She hosts incredible (think Martha Stewart) family dinners on a regular basis. She takes time to add the little touches and details that make all the difference. She's a master chef. She makes the most amazing, beautiful birthday cakes. She's a talented seamstress (made all the bridesmaid dresses for Mike and Sara's wedding). She's also very thoughtful, she really cares about people. She's always thinking of others.

She is an awesome grandma; she has ninja turtle and charlie brown movies, reads the best stories, and builds the tallest lego towers.

She is fun! She ran a half-marathon with us last August. She quotes Brian Regan and discusses American Idol and The Office with her kids.

She is honestly one of the most kind, spiritual, humble, deeply good people I know. I really look up to Kaylene in so many ways, and want to be more like her. She has inspired me to try to be a better person. I'm so grateful to have the example of such wonderful mothers in my life.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

happy mothers day (a little late)

My mom is an amazing woman.
I'm copying a couple friends and making a little list of reasons why I love my mom.
Because she deserves to be honored.

1. She is absolutely beautiful and could pass as my sister, but has always lived by her favorite scripture: 1 Sam 16:7 "For man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart." This woman has a heart of gold.
2. Her cheery voice on the phone was always sure to cheer me up when I called her almost every day after clinic feeling discouraged.
3. She didn't mind when I called her three or four times a day from New York. And we always had things to talk about.
4. During the past year I watched her conquer the most difficult trial of her life - fighting cancer - and she smiled the whole way. Even when her hair fell out. Even when she couldn't taste food and she felt sick. Even through four hour chemo treatments. She taught me so much through her example.
5. She is strong. She's stronger than probably she even thought. She is a survivor.

6. She sings all the time, and even though she usually doesn't know the words, she is great at making them up on the spot, and her lyrics are usually pretty fantastic.
7. When I was an awkward lanky teenager she never stopped telling me I was beautiful. She taught me to stand tall and be proud of who I was.
8. I learned about being healthy from her. She has such self mastery and takes great care of herself.
9. She's a great shopping buddy, and it's an added perk that we can share some clothes. (I'm taller.)
10. She can be anyone's friend, no matter their age or background. She has touched others' lives by her goodness and genuine friendship and love.

11. She is the one bringing someone just what they need at a difficult time, whether it be a note or a homemade treat or a flower or a listening ear.
12. She hears and listens to the Spirit.
13. She knows how to saddle a horse and herd cattle. She's got a sweet scar from driving a stick-shift truck while baling hay as a kid.
14. She got up early to fix my family a hot breakfast every morning of my 12+ years of education, and is still doing this for my brother at home.
15. She refuses to say the word "fart". My brothers and I tried for over an hour in the car once to get her to say it. Not a chance.

16. She is an awesome waterskier.
17. She makes the best, most beautiful sweet rolls you've ever seen. They are a work of art.
18. Many times she stayed up late with me listening to my woes about whatever drama was going on in my life at the time.
19. She is almost always happy. She smiles all the time.
20. She always comments on my blog.

21. She is a ton of fun. She dances and sings.
22. She camped out all night in 20 degree weather for Wicked tickets.
23. Through the years she has become more than just a parent, she has become a real friend.

I love you, mom.

Monday, May 11, 2009

we walked the brooklyn bridge

This was one of my very most favorite things we did. Klane and I will definitely be back. We walked the bridge Saturday evening, then watched the sun set over the city. There is this lovely little park on the water's edge when you get to the other side, and while you are there you must try the famous Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Our peach and strawberry cones tasted like fresh fruit. In ice cream. Next time we will go on a weekday and try Grimaldi's; there was a huge line out front.

Afterward we took a cab back over to Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport and found this amazing Cuban restaurant, Cabana Nuevo Latino. Such different tastes and so delicious. It was a fun end to a busy day.

places to go, food to eat, things to see

We did a ton on Saturday. Here is part of our journey in pictures.

The World Trade Center Tribute Museum. It was very moving to remember that day.

Trinity Church

New York Stock Exchange, quiet on Saturday

Little Italy. Goal: Pizza, Gelato.

Those are our very best "Lukey" smiles, standing outside Lombardi's.

Best. Pizza. EVER. At Lombardi's. We had heard, but thought maybe it was all hype.
Oh no. This stuff is it.
It was the first pizzeria in NYC (literally) and so far is the very best I've had, by far.

Gelato and pastries at Ferrara. Delicious!

Chinatown: fresh fruit and fish sold on the street, lots of crazy asian stuff.

Cute husband acting 'asian' in a supermarket in Chinatown. I miss him.