Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve Sledding

The Smith family came to Sundance a few hours before our New Year's Eve party for some quality sledding on the hill in front of the cabin. There was a lot of snow and we had so much fun! I am bias, but I think these are some of the cutest kids in existence. I just want to eat them. We sledded until it started getting dark, then headed in to warm up before the big New Year's bash.

(fyi: these pictures enlarge when clicked)

Nathan with Luke and Tessa hanging on

(They sort of sunk.)

Lukey bombing straight for Ethan. Look at that malicious smile.


...and they both came up smiling.

The creator of said adorable children, budding photographer Lynsie.

Tessa in her pink glory. Boots, hat, snowpants, jacket, socks, coat. All PINK.
She kept rolling around in the snow with a huge smile on her face.

Ethan post-crash. Still happy!

Cute brother Brandon hiking up...

...and coming back down!

After hours of fun, including a three foot drop off the retaining wall and a face plant in powder by Ethan, we found shelter in the garage where we left all our frozen, wet clothes to dry.

cold hands

+ frozen faces

+ pink cheeks

= very happy kids!

Skiing at Sundance

After a night at the cabin, Brandon, Michael, Klane and I went for a morning of skiing at Sundance. It was cold but a lot of fun. I love skiing so much and wish we could do it more than just once a year.

It was five degrees when we got in the car. But lower temperatures means lighter snow!

When we got back to the cabin my mom had hot cocoa and lunch for us! Talk about service! It was a great morning.

I'm starting to feel a little panicked when I think about leaving on Sunday. We're having so much fun spending time with family, and enjoying the snowy weather and the mountains. This is where I belong. We'll try to soak it up while we can!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Brunch at the Foundry

My family's best friends (who aren't relatives) are the Markhams. (I've mentioned them here and here and here.) One of the big events I was looking forward to over the break was going to Foundry Grill at Sundance with the Markhams for the famous brunch. They've been telling us for years how amazing it is and we finally scheduled a time to experience it together!

It was, in fact, incredible. But even better than the food was the great company. It was so fun catching up with Lindsay, Kevin and Lisa. These people just make you feel love. And they are dang funny and fun to be around too. I just wish their other kids could've made it up.

Sundance is absolutely beautiful. I really love that resort. I have lots of good memories there and I just like how it's smaller yet so beautiful. It was breathtaking with all the snow.

The little "general store" at Sundance is so quaint and rustic. I love it.

Hi Lindsay!

Kevin and Dad

Even the walk to the car was beautiful!

Saturday, December 26, 2009